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Mid Week Family Bible Study

Lessons From Life of David part 4

Overall Timeline

David is born-1030-1035 BC

Saul’s death-1000 BC (35 years old)

Solomon proclaimed King in waiting-962 BC

David dies-961 BC (74 years old)

1 Samuel 31-1Kings 2 Kings (40 yrs)

Reign of David

· 1000 BC David (Joab general) assumes control of Judah but not Israel (Northern Kingdom) which falls to Ishbosheth (Abner general) in 998 BC

· David’s sons Amnon (Ahinoam) Kileab (Abigail, Nabal’s widow) Absalom (Maacah) Adonijah (Haggith) Shephatiah (Abital) Ithream (Eglah)

· David has children by every wife accept Michal

Reign of David

· 5 1/2 years of civil war ensue between David and Ishbosheth

· After Isbosheth accuses Abner of sleeping with one of Saul’s concubines, Abner defects to David

· Joab, David’s general kills Abner without David’s permission

· David demands Michals return (2 Samuel 3)

Reign of David

· 997 Ishbosheth is killed and David is anointed king over all north and south (2 Samuel 5)

· 993 David conquers and rebuilds Jerusalem

· 992 The ark is brought up to Jerusalem and David wants to build a temple to house the ark

· Nathan is sent from God with the Davidic Covenant instead (2 Samuel 7:1-17, Psalm 96, 105)

Reign of David

· 982 Within a decade David has solidified his kingdom

· David names his sons ( all under 18) as his royal advisors (2 Samuel 8:15-18)

· Ammon and Syria defeated by Joab and Abishai (2 Samuel 10, Psalm 60)

Reign of David

· 980 Bathsheba Affair

· David tries to cover up the pregnancy

· David orchestrates Uriah’s murder

· God sends Nathan to confront David

· The child is born and dies (2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51)

Reign of David

· 979 Solomon is born (2 Samuel 12:24, 1 Chronicles 3:5)

· 978 Amnon rapes Tamar his half sister and David does nothing (2 Samuel 13)

· 976 Absalom kills Amnon and is banished for 3yrs by David

Reign of David

· 974 Absalom returns through Joab’s intercession and the woman of Tekoa (2 Samuel 14:14)

· Absalomis banished for 2 more years

· 972 Absalom begins plotting against his father for the throne

Reign of David

· 969 Absalom gains favor with the people (2 Samuel 15)

· David flees Jerusalem while being cursed (2 Samuel 16:22, Psalm 3)

· Absalom heeds Hushai’s advice and does not pursue David immediately

· David overtakes Absalom’s Army

· Absalom is caught by his hair in a tree (2 Samuel 18:14) and killed by Joab without David’s permission

· David Mourns Absalom (2 Samuel 19:1)

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